Suggested 3-day itinerary

Bayon temple

Here is a sample of a classic 3-day tour itinerary that includes the most representative temples of the Angkor area, as well as a river cruise to the floating villages on the Tonle Sap lake.

Day 1

Morning: City of Angkor Thom

South Gate, a 20 meter-high gate crowned by 4 stone faces and bordered by a double row of 54 stone figures carrying a huge Naga serpent.

Bayon, the 12th cent. Angkor Thom city’s Buddhist temple, with 54 enigmatic four-faced towers

Elephant and Leper King terraces, the impressive remains of the Khmer kings palace

Lunch: at your choice

Amok: coconut based curry dish, mildly spiced

Sunrise over Angkor Wat

Afternoon: Angkor Wat

A two-hour exploration of the majestic 12th cent. temple, famous for its remarkable bas-reliefs of the Hindu legend “Churning the Sea of Milk” and for its thousands carvings of gracious Apsara (Celestial Nymphs).

To be switched to the morning on spring and equinox days (March 31 and Sept. 21), as the sun rises over the central tower, providing an unforgettable sight!

Sunset at Pre Rup temple


Watch sunset on Angkor Wat from the Bakheng temple, on top of a hill which can be ascended by elephant.
Beautiful sunsets can also be appreciated from more peaceful sites around the temples.

Day 2


Banteay Srei
The pink standstone 10th cent. Hindu temple, with beautiful carvings.

Aki Ra’s land mine museum
On the way back, for a deeper understanding of the land mine problem in Cambodia.

Banteay Samre, a 12th cent. Hindu temple with well-preserved bas-reliefs, named after the Samre, an ancient people of Indochina, with an interesting story of a local cucumber farmer who became king.

Lunch: at your choice

A tasty bowl of Khmer noodles, in which you add as many fresh herbs and fragrant leaves as you wish.


Ta Prohm, the eerie 12th cent. Buddhist monastery, with overgrown fig and silk-cotton tree roots intertwining the ruins

Prasat Kravan, a 10th cent. Hindu temple with remarkable brick sculptures


Apsara dance dinner-show

Day 3


Road excursion through the picturesque countryside.
Two-hour cruise around the floating village of Chong Khneas on the Tonle Sap lake

Lunch: at your choice

Assortment of fusion Khmer dishes, that include amok, soup, fragrant rice and other tasty morsels.


Rolouos, a group of 3 early Angkor Hindu temples (Preah Ko – Lolie – Bakong) built in bricks, located 15 km South-East of Siem Reap


Tour of Siem Reap city
To explore lively markets, interesting crafts workshops and beautiful pagodas.

The above itinerary is just a suggestion and can be adjusted according to the duration of your stay and your personal preferences.

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