Recommended reading

Image: Bibliotheque Nationale du Cambodge

Pierre Loti: Pilgrimage to Angkor – 1901
English translation by W.P. Baines and M. Smithies – 1996
A most evocative travel account by the brilliant French author, describing his 3-day
wander around the temples of Angkor.
Zhou Daguan: A record of Cambodia – 1295
New English translation by Peter Harris – 2007
The only written record of the mighty Khmer Empire, describing the temples and people’s daily life in the 13th century, by a Chinese diplomat who spent a year in the capital of Angkor Thom.
Claude Jacques-Michael Freeman: Ancient Angkor – 2008
A comprehensive introduction of all the temples of Angkor by a reputed French scholar, with inspiring pictures by the noted British photographer.
Bruno Dagens: “Angkor, Heart of an Asian Empire” - 1995
An exhaustive account by the prominent French historian and archaeologist of the fascinating rediscovery of the temples of Angkor and their restoration, with many illustrations, maps and photographs of the period.

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