Practical Information

Apsara carvings, Angkor Wat

To enter Cambodia, you need a passport that has a validity period of at least six more months, as well as a visa. Citizens from some Asian countries (Laos, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore) do not require a visa, only a valid travel document.

Visa for Cambodia

A one-month tourist visa is issued directly upon arrival at Siem Reap airport. One passport-size photo needed.
Fee: US$ 20, cash payment only.

Departure tax

In US$ only
Fee: US$ 25, payable in cash only.

Temple pass

An admission pass is mandatory for all visitors to the Angkor temples and must be purchased at the checkpoint on the way to Angkor Wat.
The pass is issued individually, with your photo taken on the spot.
Type of passes and fee per person:

  One day: US$ 20
Three days: US$ 40 (valid for one week)
Seven days: US$ 60 (valid for one month)

Currency - Exchange rates

Cambodia’s currency is the Riel. However the US dollar is the preferred form of transaction for travelers. Other currencies, except the Thai bath, are not used in Cambodia.
Change is generally in Riel, that can be used for small purchases or short rides.
Exchange rate: US$ = 400 Riels
Credit cards are accepted only at major hotels, restaurants and tourist shopping centers.


Service charge and tax of between 7% and 10% is added at hotels and restaurants.
Tipping is not obligatory in Cambodia but appreciated for good services, since local wages are very low.
A small donation is customary when visiting pagodas.


The dry season runs from November to April.
While most visitors select to come during the dry season, the wet season, from May to October, offers a more peaceful time at the temples nested in lush vegetation, providing beautiful photo opportunities. Rain usually falls in short spells in the early afternoon, leaving many hours of sunshine throughout the day.


Local tap water is not drinkable. Bottled mineral water is ready available at hotels and is sold everywhere in the city and at the entrance of the major temples.
Items to bring with you should include mosquito repellent, sun cream, a hat and sunglasses, as well as the usual medication for travel in the tropics.
All the major temples of Angkor offer nearby restroom and toilet facilities of high standard, free for visitors with a valid temples pass.

What to wear

Dress casually, with light clothes, preferably in cotton or linen.
Ladies are invited to dress modestly for the temples (no shorts, mini skirts, tank tops or other too revealing clothes).
Wear comfortable non-slippery shoes or sandals.


Siem Reap is a safe city, and the locals are honest and friendly, although flaunting one’s wealth is not recommended. Like everywhere on travel, usual precautions concerning cash and travel documents should be taken. As in any city, extra precautions should be taken late at night.

Electricity in Cambodia

220 Volts, 50 HZ.

Cambodia time

Cambodia Time Zone is GMT + 7 hours.

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