You will find an impressive choice of restaurants serving dishes from every part of the world, as well as casual eating places and traditional wooden pavilions offering tasty Khmer food.

Khmer cuisine is not as spicy as other Southeast Asian food, but is as flavorful; it can be enjoyed at Khmer Kitchen, a lively place near the old Market.

French cuisine is at its finest in Cambodia, and can be enjoyed at Café Indochine in an authentic Khmer house on Sivatha Boulevard, at reasonable prices.

A delightful blend of Cambodian and international fares with a modern touch is offered at Cassia Restaurant set in a peaceful garden next to the hotel Royal Bay Inn Angkor.

For a most enjoyable Cambodian meal experience, several restaurants consisting of a row of thatched bungalows, with Khmer-style seating and hammocks, offer local food such as fried deer and mango-smoked fish salads at unbeatable prices.

Street food
Grilled fish fresh from the river or the lake can be enjoyed near all the major temples of Angkor, for a fun, cheap and delicious lunch outdoor.

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