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The smile of a mother near Banteay Srei

Feedback In 2012

We had really wonderful trip of Siem Reap with Darith.We visited all important temples we had planned and the detail information given by him made it an unforgettable experience. We were impressed by the minute construction and historical details and beauty of each temple. The car provided by him (Toyota Camry) was very comfortable. I am thankful to Darith for getting me a taxi for Phnom Penh.
I have recommended his services to one of my friend visiting Cambodia in Nov.2012 and will be happy to recommend to anybody visiting Siem Reap.

Anil and Madhuri Jagtap
Pune India
Visited Siem Reap from 13 to16 July 2012

First and foremost, I would like to personally thank Mr. Darith Touch for providing me with an extraordinary experience while in Siem Reap Cambodia.

I came across Mr. Darith Touch website by accident, Serendipity, a fortunate accident. I was trying to find the web link to the Smile of Angkor Grand Epic Show. A theatrical show and tells the story of the rise the Kingdom of Cambodia and the origins of Angkor Wat. Instead, I find a web link that brought me to Mr. Darith Touch Smiles of Angkor Tours.

Mr. Darith Touch is honest, witty, personable, patient, cautious, attentive and flexible to the needs of his clients. He is a good Samaritan. He gives back to his community by donating food to the poor in nearby villages or building water wells. More importantly, he urges his clients to do the same by providing them with the opportunity to spend a measly $ 50 USD in grocery that would help feed 10 families.

I WOULD and WILL HIGHLY recommends anyone to him.
Thank you again for the wonderful experience!
Anna Kham (Boston, MA. USA)
Visited in Siem Reap: June 22 – 25, 2012

I'd like to express my deep satisfaction and thanks for the wonderful tour you have organized for us. This has been indeed a very special experience and thanks to you, we really fell in love with your beautiful country Cambodia. You have such a way to associate the usual tourist locations with the beautiful nature and people which makes your tour so special.  We also understood better now that not only we need to support your country by visiting it, but everyone should understand that your people need more support overall.  You have opened our eyes and we sincerely hope that you will open the eyes of many more tourists using your services.  We will definitely recommend your services broadly to all our friends and we look forward working further with you building a first water well for a family who needs it the most.
A unique experience indeed...

Frédérik & Fatima Benoit-Nunes
20B Jalan Gallagher, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Country of origin: Luxembourg, Portugal
Visited Siem Reap: June 12 – 14, 2012

In March 2012 we spent three days in the Angkor area with Darith as our guide. We enjoyed every minute of it! We arrived in Siem Reap in the afternoon and the next morning Darith waited for us in the hotel lobby as agreed. He had also arranged for us to have a car with a driver (a very nice man too!). Since it was very hot during our visit we really appreciated having an air-conditioned car to cool us down in between the temples. Darith is an excellent guide! His knowledge about the temples and the stories about them are amazing. He also knows the best way to approach the more crowded places. For lunch he took us to some nice restaurants. The area is beautiful and Siem Reap is a very friendly little town with plenty of good restaurants where you can go in the evenings. Cambodian people are wonderful and Cambodian food is delicious! We really had a great time and took Cambodia to our hearts. The only thing we regret is that we didn’t stay longer! We will definitely go back and see more of the temples and the countryside. Next time we will make sure that we visit an orphanage to make some donations.  Darith also told us about the possibility to donate money for a water dwell, which is needed in many villages. No doubt Darith could organize that. If you go to Siem Reap we can only recommend you to get Darith as your guide! He is really a lovely, reliable and responsible person.  Thank you so much Darith for the memories you gave us!

Maria and Stefan Wendén, Sweden
Visited Siem Reap: March 10 – 12, 2012

My wife and I spent a relaxed 3 days touring the Ruins and markets in Siem Reap with Smiles of Angkor. Darith was a knowledgeable guide and flawlessly organized everything. He was a great help with an unexpected visit to the dentist in Siem Reap and we particularly enjoyed visiting the local eateries best of which was a visit to the beach BBQ stalls with his charming family. I would highly recommend engaging Dariths services whilst in Siem Reap.

Iain Cruickshank, UK
Visited Siem Reap: March 7 – 9, 2012

Feedback In 2011
We traveled to Siem Reap and used the delightful services of DARITH TOUCH, "Smiles of Angkor" in December
2011. We were so pleased with our choice because we felt we got a genuine travel
experience, not just the tourist version. He was so willing to show us everything we asked for
and even more. I know we had, thanks to Darith, the opportunity to get more in
touch with the country and the people along with all the interesting remote temples, villages
and markets he took us to see. What a glorious country!
We spent two days with him (One of them even New Years Eve) and he
was always ready to show us more.
His information was most helpful,
His outlook inspiring, 
His friendliness refreshing,
His stories and descriptions genuine,
His insight remarkable.
I don't know if we will make it back to this area of the World. I hope that we are able to since
it is even still changing and discoveries still being made. It is destination that should be on
everyone's top 10 and Darith Touch and his company "Smiles of Angkor" are a 10 in my book.
Thank you Darith and keep up the good work you are doing for the travelers and for the country of Cambodia.

Pamm Sandlin, USA

Visited Siem Reap: December 30 – 31, 2011

My daughter and I visited Siem Reap on two occasions, last year. Darith, was recommended to us, by our friend. We were extremely impressed with his intense knowledge and sincere dedication towards his profession. He was our tour guide during our entire vacation in Siem Reap. We truly enjoyed Siem Reap's historical beauty, its khmer cuisine and the warmed smiles of the people of Cambodia. 
Memories of beautiful Siem Reap, and Darith's warmed hospitality will always linger in our hearts.
Wishing you every success, in all your future undertakings. 'GO FOR IT' Darith!.

Elizabeth and Melissa Tan, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.
Visited Siem Reap: December 23-27 2011 and October 1–5, 2011

Wow – what an experience! We have just returned home after an amazing time in Cambodia.
Our time in Cambodia was made all the more fantastic due to the services of Darith.
His knowledge of the Siem Reap area was outstanding and, even in the most crowded of places, he knew just where to take us to find a quiet spot to take it all in, and where to stand to take that “money shot” photo.
In addition to this, Darith was only too willing to provide some unexpected extras – such as arranging our laundry to be done, arranging for a tour guide in Phnom Penh, arranging for transport to airport, dropping us in Pub Street, taking us to special places…in fact, anything that we wanted.
We were so impressed with Darith – we went back with friends a year later – so not only could they enjoy the sights of Cambodia – but Darith arranged (at our request) a visit to a local orphanage so we could donate some computers and other items. Darith arranged everything – and his personal compassion towards his fellow citizens was just so obvious. He is not just a great tour guide - but a great bloke!
We would have no hesitation in recommending Darith’s tours for anyone who is lucky enough to visit Siem Reap. We would be only too pleased to vouch for the quality of his services via mobile on +61 419568773. If he uses any Australian colloquiums about the weather when you visit– don’t blame us!

Michael and Karen Hine, Launceston, Tasmania
Visited Siem Reap: June 18-21, 2011

We visited Siem Reap at the end of April 2011 and were fortunate to have Darith as our guide. In three short days, he not only showed us the beauty of Angkor Wat and the surrounding countryside, but he became a trusted friend.
When we asked him to help us locate families in need of water wells, he dutifully managed the sourcing and construction of more than 10 wells on our behalf.
Darith is not only a competent guide, but a wonderful and genuine individual who will captivate your heart and make you fall in love with his country.

Antonio Marziale, Texas, USA
Visited Siem Reap: April 24-26, 2011

Our family of two medical professional and two kids lived in Siem Reap for 5 months doing volunteer work with local not-for-profit organizations. We are so incredibly fortunate to have met Darith and enjoyed his superb guiding services and company.

Darith was everything we were looking for in a guide: knowledgeable of the history and culture of the area, willing to tailor trips to meet our needs, charming and kind, and remarkably good at spoken and written English. (We did not meet any other guides--or indeed many Cambodians at all--that spoke English as well as he.) He guided us on trips to a number of Angkor Wat-area temples, to Tonle Sap Lake, and to Phnom Kulen Mountain. Our experiences were consistently excellent, and we would highly recommend Darith to any English speaker looking for a guide in Siem Reap.

Carol Gelfer, Jake Sullivan, Eli Sullivan, and Joe Sullivan, MD
Portland, USA
Visited Siem Reap: February 12-14, 2011

My wife and I cannot recommend Darith Touch highly enough as a tour guide for Siem Reap and the surrounding temples.
He is a charming young man who is extremely polite, and who speaks excellent English and is most punctual. His knowledge of Cambodian history and the many temples we saw with him over three continuous days was quite astounding and he made our trip so so memorable.
We are both in our late sixties and my wife can be somewhat unsteady on her feet, particularly over uneven ground. Every day Darith personally took her by the arm and guided and assisted her around all the many temples we saw. He was so kind! We shall never forget his humanitarianism; it really will live with us forever. He is an absolute gem!! Five star plus!

Rodney and Hazel Croft, London, United Kingdom
Visited Siem Reap: January 17-19, 2011

Darith was a truly fantastic tour guide, taking us to see some of the most amazing temples. He was very experienced and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his services. He is a very lovely person too and we have many fond memories spent in his company.

Sarah Clancy, London, United Kingdom
Visited Siem Reap: January 2-4, 2011

Feedback In 2010

My husband and I just came back home from our trip in Asia. I want to let you know how much we did appreciate your services and specially your company during our stay in Siem Reap at the beginning of March. You are a very professional tourist guide, very kind and gentle. You were of such a great help for us.
My husband and I wish you great success in your profession, good health and happiness.
Thank you again.

Suzanne Ouimet Moriello and Taysir (Ty), Canada
Visited Siem Reap: March 4-7, 2010

As a part of a three week tour in South Asia, we spent 3 days in Angkor.
During the whole tour we visited many places, we met many guides, and we have seen many attractions.
The highlight of our tour was definitely Angkor. Not just because of the place, but Darith had a significant role in this, as well. He was very knowledgeable, and his style was very good and interesting. He is a funny guy, so we were not bored while visiting one place to another. He was helpful in everything, recommending hotel, restaurants and evening programs. He was very flexible, which is also very important.
That was my second time in Angkor with Darith. In case of a third one, I will not hesitate to contact him again...

Family Paragi, Hungary
Visited Siem Reap: February 15-18, 2010

Our first trip to Siem Reap has been truly unforgettable due to the services of Darith, our young and charming guide. He ensured that all our requests were met to our complete satisfaction and shared his extensive knowledge of the history and culture of Cambodia and its magical temples.
Our group of five was very comfortably provided with the kind services of a very competent driver, Thomas, in a very spacious and air-conditioned vehicle.
Darith was there at the crack of dawn (at our request!) on most mornings, as that ensured we beat the crowds at most temples. He took us to Pre Rup to watch a marvelous sunset, even helping us arrange cold beers and drinks as accompaniments!
I would highly recommend Darith to anyone wanting not just a guide in Cambodia, but a caring and sensitive young man who never fails to deliver!

Seema Shah, Singapore
MaryAnn McNeil, Michelle Byros, Amy and Stephen Dunlop (University of Minnesota, USA)
Visited Siem Reap: February 4-7, 2010

We very much enjoyed the excellent guiding services provided by Darith and his brother on our 3 days in Siem Reap, having received a recommendation for Darith from a fellow traveller. Their knowledge and enthusiasm made our trip to the area much more enjoyable and we could never have appreciated the many temples so well on our own. Their service was excellent and personalized to meet our wishes and timescales, which we really appreciated. I would happily recommend Darith's guiding services to anyone visiting Siem Reap who was keen to really appreciate the area.

Michelle Smith, U.K.
Visited Siem Reap: January 25-27, 2010

Feedback In 2009

Both Helen and I want to thank you for your fantastic guide service on our recent visit to Siem Reap. We are now in Vietnam and spent 12 days in Cambodia.
Your tour of Angkor Wat and surrounds was a real highlight of our visit. Your knowledge is fantastic and we learned so much, but what really stands out is your friendly, caring and professional approach. We came to see modern Cambodians as one of the most friendly peoples we have ever met (and we have travelled a lot), despite all they have been through. You exemplify this spirit and we would be very pleased to recommend your fantastic service to anyone looking for a first class guide to best understand the wonder that is Angkor Wat. We wish you all the very best luck for your future endeavors and we hope to see you in Australia at some stage or maybe we will make it back to your lovely country - thanks so very much!

Richard & Helen Rawling, Melbourne, Australia
Visited Siem Reap: December 29-31, 2009

I had planned to book a guide on arrival in Siem Reap, but then I found Darith on the Internet some weeks before coming and decided to give him a try. We did not regret it. Darith was a wonderful guide for our three days in the Angkor complex. He is knowledgeable, savvy, and fun to be with. He understands group dynamics, and is able to make everyone get the best out of the temples. He also guided us to the best sunrise photo shoot ever at the Angkor Wat temple. Darith is more than willing to give you insights into today's Cambodia as well. Highly recommended.

Edle Bugge and family, Oslo, Norway
Visited Siem Reap: December 24-27, 2009

Darith Touch was our guide while visiting the Siem Reap area of Cambodia. We used his services for 2 days while there. He was very informative about the temples and surrounding area, his sense of humour was really appreciated, so nice to find a guide that has one! He was always on time to pick us up even for the 5am start to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat. The nice thing about his guiding is that he was aware of our interest in things while driving along and it was never a problem to pull the car over and take photos. He even arranged for us to have a go in the rice fields, a memory I will cherish. We would highly recommend his services while visiting this area as for sure he will make your visit an extra special one.

Sharon Hughes and Stan Davis, Scotland
Visited Siem Reap: December 3-4, 2009

Our trip to Siem Reap was quite an adventure, thanks to Darith Touch. Our 3-day trip was packed with so many activities. Aside from the visit to the temples, we also enjoyed eating in the restaurants the locals frequent. It definitely would not have been a great trip for five women without Darith's knowledge and expertise. He became our friend so much so that he even welcomed us into his family home for a quick visit. We would definitely recommend his services to our friends. Thanks again, Darith!

Mia Florencio, Manna Goco, Emmarose Policarpio, Emmalyn Policarpio and Tet Rodriguez
Visited Siem Reap: October 29-November 1, 2009

Darith Touch was our driver and guide for an all-too-short visit to Angkor. He came recommended from the hotel.
Darith proved to be an excellent guide, very sensitive and responsive to our wishes. We had a great visit and really enjoyed getting around in comfort to exactly where we wanted to go.
His English is excellent, including jokes!
When we settled our account, he asked for less than we had expected from our up-front agreement, an unusual experience in many countries in the world.

Dennis & Marge Elwell. Naalehu, Hawaii, USA
Visited Siem Reap: March 14-16, 2009

My family and I recently enjoyed an amazing experience in Angkor, thanks to our wonderful tour guide Darith Touch. Our children, ages 3 and 5, were completely engaged during our tour. Darith made them feel like adventurers, encouraging them to explore and ask questions. Darith has a fantastic rapport with children and was such a great help to my husband and I that we were really able to relax and take in our majestic surroundings. Everyday Darith customized our itinerary to ensure the children were not too tired and kept us out of the midday heat.
I have already recommended Darith to my friends, and another family from Hong Kong will use his services soon.

Tara French, Hong Kong
Visited February 28-March 2, 2009

Darith Touch is a very knowledgeable Tour Guide with a terrific personality; he made our 3-day guided tour of Angkor Wat and surrounding area a most enjoyable one.
We would recommend him to anyone visiting Siem Reap.
Many thanks.

Mark and Angela Symonds, Manchester, U.K.
Visited Siem Reap: February 20-22, 2009

Darith was recommended to us as an excellent guide and he proved to be just that.
He was most diligent when setting up arrangements before our trip to make sure that he arrived at the time we wanted. During the three days that he took us to the various temples and the floating village he was always courteous and attentive to our interests and needs. His explanations were clear and very well informed but he did not overload us with information, giving us time to reflect and look carefully at what we saw. His explanations of the Hindu stories were particularly clear.
Darith was very careful to make sure that we arrived at the various temples at times when the 'coach parties' were not present so that we could wander the sites in a relaxed and unhurried manner. He worked very well with the driver to ensure that whenever the car was needed it appeared immediately and no time was wasted during the three days.
He provided excellent value and was a most professional guide. We would recommend him most highly and without reservation.

Cedric and Jean Sander, London, England
Visited Siem Reap: January 31-February 2, 2009

My wife and I visited Siem Reap for our honeymoon in January 2009.
We chose Darith as our private guide due to the positive reviews given on Trip Advisor and we were not disappointed.
Darith was incredibly knowledgeable, not only on the subject of the Angkor temples but also on the history and culture of the people of Cambodia.
He speaks perfect English and is both funny and charming. He took care of everything for us, preparing a perfect itinerary (making sure we were able to visit temples when fewer people were around), booking us into the best restaurants (these really were the best restaurants – not his cousin's place!), and I discovered he can get much better deals for hotels than British travel agents (so it is worth getting him to give you a quote or even just get him to recommend places to stay).
All in all, Darith really does get our blessing and we wish him all the success for the future.

Lee and Victoria Jackson, Radlett, England
Visited Siem Reap: January 2-4, 2009

Feedback In 2008

Darith is very friendly and accommodating, smart and fun to be with.
He is punctual and very helpful, respectful and kind. Darith made our trip to Cambodia and visit to the temples so much richer than if we just went on our own. My mom, sister and I had a great time with him (and his family!) and I will definitely recommend his services to anyone I know who wants to check out Siem Reap and the amazing Angkor Wat.

Stephanie Limco, Philippines
Visited Siem Reap: December 27-28, 2008

Darith, I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Siem Reap.
We visited during our children's winter break, when the weather was nicer and less need to worry about mosquitoes, since one of my children is a mosquito magnet.
We were all pleased with the well-planned tour that Darith had arranged for our four days in Siem Reap. Our main objective was to see Angkor Wat, but we were pleasantly surprised to see all the other amazing temples that are in the area as well.
Everyone we met was very nice and hospitable. Darith had arranged for discounts at the hotel as well as some other activities. I would definitely recommend his services for anyone interested in traveling to Cambodia and Angkor Wat.

Joyce Ezaki-Yamaguchi, California, USA.
Visited Siem Reap: December 21- 25, 2008

Darith was a fantastic tour guide during our trip to Cambodia. He is personable, prompt and very knowledgeable. His pride in his country was so inspirational! We came home and decided to encourage each of our friends to sponsor water wells in Cambodia.

Ms. Meg, Tabitha Foundation, USA
Visited Siem Reap: March 2008

It has been my life-long dream to see the Angkor Wat temple. Not knowing anyone, I decided to find a guide through Internet channels and found a company that offered three days tours to Siem Reap city in Cambodia, where the Angkor temples are situated. On my arrival, I was greeted by my tour guide, Darith Touch, a young Cambodian national.
Darith was well versed in English and his country’s culture, showing my friend and me the temples as well as other cultural sites. He went about and beyond his usual duties and brought us a sense of security and adventure to this trip, from the historical temples to busy market places, the French Quarter, the gems shop, the floating village, and great restaurants. He made our trip special, and I will always remember the warm smile of the people of Cambodia.
What a treasure this man is for Cambodia tourism! I highly recommend Darith as a great ambassador guide to the rest of the world.

Dr. Leslie Fe, MD, Toronto, Canada
Visited Siem Reap: January 2008

Feedback In 2007

I was delighted to have had such a pleasant and efficient guide as Darith Touch on my first visit to Cambodia. He was entertaining, knowledgeable, and with a unique talent to make people feel at ease. His dedication and enthusiasm were truly amazing.

Mr. Claude Bardos, Paris, France
Visited Siem Reap: November 2007

I have met many guides on my various trips around the world, but you are, Darith, the very first guide to whom I wanted to write a thank you letter on my return to Japan, after a wonderful visit of the temples of Angkor, with you as my escort.
You have not only a profound knowledge of your country’s history and culture, but also a genuine passion for your job, together with a most engaging personality. I particularly cherish the memory of our impromptu lunch in a local village on the way back from Banteay Srei, and of our distribution of candies and pens to the needy children of the floating village. Thank you again.

Ms. Josette Vanneur, Tokyo, Japan
Visited Siem Reap: January 2007

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